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Adding the “EAL/D Extra” to Mainstream Classroom Approaches

Online EAL/D Professional Learning Event, September 20th 3:30-5pm, presented by Dr Denise Angelo

In Australian schools there are many off-the-shelf programs, resources and approaches used to deliver the curriculum. But as these mainstream approaches are designed for proficient English speakers, what about EAL/D students? How can teachers use these resources, while also supporting students who are learning English as an additional language?


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This presentation probes the “EAL/D extra” – the extra awareness, knowledge and strategies that teachers need to add to their programs to support the learning needs of EAL/D students in their classrooms. This “EAL/D extra” makes the classroom a fairer place for EAL/D learners as it enables these students to engage with the curriculum and achieve their learning potential.


Our presenter, Dr Denise Angelo has worked extensively as an EAL/D teacher, adviser, course designer and curriculum writer. She has also carried out important research on the “shifting landscapes” of contact languages in the NT and Queensland. This is the second PL Denise has presented for ATESOL NT this year. Please head to the members’ area of our website to view her excellent presentation – “Aboriginal Students’ Language Background”.