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ATESOL NT will be offering more online workshops during the year.

We ensure that our workshops include  EAL/D theory, practical strategies and time for professional discussion, all of which are important for teachers new to the EAL/D Specialist field as many are in the NT.

Registration details for all workshops when advertised:   admin@atesolnt.org.au (Name, school, role)

Our workshops are free for members, and other State’s ATESOL Associations, and $50 for non-members (includes ATESOL NT membership for the year.)

To join ATESOL NT or to renew membership click on the ‘register now’ tab on this website.

Please, let us know your professional needs and good ideas for EAL/D teaching?

Do you have an idea for professional learning event you would like to share with us?

For more information, to give us good ideas or for PD support/requests, please email: admin@atesolnt.org.au

Professional Learning August 2nd – Reciprocal Multilinguistic Learning in Secondary Classrooms by Mei French

Our presenter Dr Mei French is an educational linguist who researches and teaches in multilingual education at the University of South Australia.  Although focussed on secondary, Mei’s session will provide EAL/D teachers of any year levels with valuable insights to support their language teaching programs.

Professional Learning July 20th with Fran Murray, EAL/D and Bilingual Education Consultant, and ACTA representative for ATESOLNT.


On July 20th 3.30pm Darwin (CST) time, Fran Murray delivered this online Professional Learning event. 

This session is relevant to both primary and secondary teachers to understand the importance of using language-rich texts to engage, inspire and support their EAL/D students to develop and acquire all aspects of English-as-an-Additional-Language/Dialect, and in the maintenance of students’ first languages. During the session Fran provided examples (interactive, communicative, engaging) using a literature-based approach via classroom videos.

Fran Murray is currently working as an EAL/D Education Consultant with the NT’s remote and very remote Indigenous schools. Fran’s career spans cross-cultural Classroom (Team) Teaching and Teacher-Linguist positions in bilingual biliterate schools; systems-based Curriculum advisor and Manager of EAL/D and Bilingual Programs, Teacher Educator of Indigenous Language speaking students and EAL/D Teacher Educator of undergraduate and postgraduate mainstream students. Fran has developed many curricula and resources for systems, schools, and teacher Professional Learning for EAL/D and bilingual-biliterate teaching practices and pedagogies. She has presented at conferences in this field in New Zealand and Australia-wide multiple times.

Professional Learning May 24th with Dr. Denise Angelo

In May 24th 2023, Dr. Denise Angelo presented a PL for teachers in remote, regional and urban contexts to better understand the rich, diverse language backgrounds of their First Nations EAL/D students. Participants were asked to consider which kinds of languages children are speaking as their L1 (first language). The repertoire of languages that students bring with them to the classroom have ramifications for their language learning pathways and for teaching choices. The workshop discussed the importance of recognising and responding in the classroom to Aboriginal students’ L1 and other Aboriginal languages, as well as their English language learning needs.

The NT Festival of Teaching.

The Festival of Teaching (FoT) is a biennial conference for NT teachers of all learning areas.

We look forward to the 2023 Festival and hope to both include, and provide for, our members’ professional needs as part of this program.

A glimpse of the 2021 Festival is available here.


TESOL in Context is The Australian Council of TESOL Associations’ regular online publication to support teachers of EAL/D learners across all sectors and domains. You will find a rich resource in the previous copies available on this site as well.

In the members area of our website we have reference materials such as journal articles, PowerPoint presentations and videos that will inform teachers about ‘best practice’ when teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Previous Professional Development Highlights:


ATESOL NT  hosted Professional Learning Workshops on-line throughout the year.

Videos of these workshops are available here.

Our 2017 Symposium: EAL/D in the NT: Research into Practice – What a wonderful and informative event it was!

Kathy Rushton and Joanne Rossbridge’s PowerPoint presentation that they presented at ATESOLNT’s 2016 ‘Put it in Writing’ workshop has been uploaded in the members area.

Also Remember this?

Kids, Creoles and Classrooms Symposium – April 7 and 8, 2014

To view the videos of the KEYNOTES and the speakers go to the Member’s section and click ‘Videos’.

Trish Chisholm

Trish Chisholm

The Panel (some of them)

The Panel (some of them)

Annette Patrick

Annette Patrick

Courtney Farley & Denise Angelo

Courtney Farley & Denise Angelo