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Welcome To Country and Opening of Symposium Kids Creoles Classrooms

Professor Gillian Wigglesworth, University of Melbourne

Sharing the latest research, Professor Wigglesworth talks about language learning generally and the education of Kriol and Aboriginal English speaking students and Indigenous language speaking students.

Kym Davidson NT – ATESOL NT – sharing her language story.

Robyn Ober QLD / NT – ATESOL NT Symposium – sharing her language story.

Trish Chisholm NT – ATESOL NT Symposium – sharing her language story.

Glenys Collard – ATESOL NT Symposium 2014 – sharing her language story.

Professor Ian Malcolm, ATESOLNT Symposium – Edith Cowan University – ” Continuities and Discontinuities Affecting Aboriginal Learners”.

Denise Angelo & Courtney Farley, Education QLD – “Teaching with a language perspective.”

Closing panel Day1- 7th April ATESOLNT Symposium – Questions from the floor on Aboriginal English in the North of Australia.

Closing panel Day1b ATESOLNT Symposium – Questions from the floor to expert panel.

Annette Patrick (Lajamanu); Samantha Disbray (Charles Darwin University) ATESOL NT Symposium

Annette – Walpiri language development; Samantha Disbray – “Growing up Talking: a window to child language development”.

Rod Gardner (Griffith University) ATESOL NT Symposium

‘How communication practices affect learning in early years Aboriginal schooling’.

Closing Panel Day 2 – ATESOL NT conference

Questions from the floor. Feature of this session, what is Standard Australian English?

Closing Panel Day 2b – Questions from the floor about dialects

Aboriginal English and learning Standard Australian English; teaching and learning and identity.