Happy New Year to you.

This is Ella Wang. I am from IEAEC which is an association for international exchange programs, we based in Sydney. Also we have office in Beijing China. We have been doing exchange program between AU and China for 8 years.

As we work with many schools in China, now there are many request about foreign teachers to come teach in Chinese schools, so this would be a great way for your students to have the teaching experience overseas and also get paid and support their trip.

All the teachers in our program will get a China Work Visa to teach in schools, this is the China official visa for foreign teachers to teach in China. Visa issued by China government. Also we work with many schools in China, so the teachers will be placed into public and private schools also English training centers for teaching up to 1year, mostly teaching English to Chinese students, schools can be in the city and rural area. China schools will provide salary, benefits , insurance and accommodation to the foreign teachers. Also we have our coordinators in China to help teachers with arrival orientation as well.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you.

Ella Wang

Overseas Project Center

IEAEC (International Exchange Association for Education and Culture Australia)

Tel: +61-4 0489 9687
Add.: 95 Evans Street , Rozelle NSW 2037

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