Teacher vacancy at NTCSA - Mäpuru Christian School

Job Title:
English as an Additional Language Multi-Age Primary Teacher: Full-time
Salary Classification:NT Christian Schools CT1-CT9 scale 2015 Salary Range:$65,794 - $93,490 Dependent on qualifications and experience.
Plus superannuation contribution of 9.5% of your annual salary.
School/Entity:Mäpuru Christian School
Responsible to:Principal
Date Advertised:January 2015

We welcome you to Mäpuru Christian School and hope you enjoy serving the Lord in this tiny remote town. Your role as the Primary Teacher is pivotal in the ongoing education of Mäpuru children and the community will warmly welcome your contribution. We encourage you to become involved in the lives of the precious children and their families by providing a quality Christian environment, becoming a role model for all students and by guiding, challenging, motivating and caring for the students each day.
Life at Mäpuru is more than just a job. To live and work at Mäpuru requires commitment not just to the employed position but to involvement in the wider community life, its joys and its demands. In addition to a willingness to serve, an openness to learn and grow, flexibility, and a capacity to live with ambiguities and uncertainties, are essential qualities.
Due to the nature of Mäpuru and surrounding communities, the work can be particularly challenging at times. Challenges include working with language and cultural differences, extreme remoteness and living in close community. Fulfilling the employed role therefore requires working with such challenges to help establish and maintain good relations with school staff, students, their families and communities. As is often the case, it is also the working with and through these challenges that is the source of much joy and satisfaction as breakthroughs are made and lives are impacted. As often as not it is also the staff who do the learning and whose lives are changed and enriched!
All staff of the NT Christian Schools are expected to have a clear understanding of, and unqualified commitment to, the biblical basis expressed in out Statement of Faith; 'What we Believe', and to act both in the work place and in other contexts in ways that are consistent with that basis.
In response to God's love for us through Jesus Christ, staff members are encouraged to serve and love one another as Christ loves them. This also means acknowledging each other's fallibility and mutual reliance upon God. NT Christian Schools values mutual love, service, trust, acceptance, patience, forgiveness and support.
General Expectations:
Your work for NT Christian Schools involves serving and supporting those people for whom the organisation exists, namely students and their parents and community. This is the core function for all people employed by the organisation. Each is expected to work as a member of a team serving and supporting each other in the various tasks to which God has called them. Each team member is expected to contribute positively to the maintenance of a pleasant, purposeful, productive and safe workplace.

These responsibilities and duties are, therefore, underpinned by expectations of generosity, openness, teamwork, effectiveness, efficiency, attention to detail, pleasant working relationships and maintenance of an effective, attractive, safe work environment.
Position Information
Key responsibilities
The Primary teacher is responsible for the multi-age Primary class and will work as a team
member with Yolŋu co-teachers. Teaching duties include co-leading the primary teaching team with the Yolŋu teachers to deliver bi-literacy (Djambarrpuyŋu and English) and numeracy programs. You will be expected to be continuously engaging with and supporting the Yolŋu co-teachers through co-planning and meaningful activities relevant to the Mäpuru context and aspirations of Mäpuru School Council for their children. The Primary teacher will also be responsible for supporting the Primary Yolŋu teachers complete their studies through their explicit teaching in the classroom and supporting learning tasks.
Class composition
There are about 12 -20 beautiful, enthusiastic children ranging from Preschool through to Yr 6. The Primary area consists of 2 classrooms separated by a large verandah and breezeway side by side, enabling students to work together for part of the day and then separate into groups later in the day. This learning environment (as well as the teaching team set up) enables creative and flexible solutions to appropriate program delivery for grouping students for a range of activities.
Other Duties
Mäpuru Christian School is in its infancy, some aspects are already robust and others are very fragile. Part of your role will be to assist the entire team, teachers, students and families to build their school's sustainability. Your commitment to supporting the broader community as well as the students in your class will be an important part of your role.
Upholding and supporting the vision
Mäpuru Christian School Council require their teachers to uphold their school Vision Statement through supporting Elders, parents, students and teachers to practice an inclusive Christian theology where Yolŋu traditions, knowledge, languages, cultural practices and languages are respected. This vision includes:
 Supporting Mäpuru parents and community to live with dignity on their sacred ancestral estates as God intended.
 Supporting the teaching of, and respect for the sacredness and spirituality of the environment within an encompassing system of Yolŋu kinship.
 Actively supporting Mäpuru people to maintain their independent community lives, enabling them to do, to manage for themselves.
 Offering Mäpuru parents and community hope and stability in an ever-changing world.
 Offering an inclusive school curriculum, embedded in Yolŋu knowledges and Mäpuru's micro-enterprises.
 Encouraging and supporting non-Yolŋu staff and family members to actively participate in community life, to learn a Yolŋu language and use Yolŋu kinship within the school and wider community.
Applications from teaching couples are encouraged as potential employment of more than one teacher is an option.
Essential Criteria
 Ability to be registered as a teacher in the NT
 Primary / Early childhood teaching qualifications and experience
 Demonstrated ability to design and implement early literacy programs

 EAL/D or ESL experience and/or qualifications
 NT Working With Children Clearance (Ochre Card)
 Demonstrated ability to work as a flexible team member in a multi-cultural team
 Demonstrate deep respect for Yolŋu culture
 Integral to this role is an ability to uphold Mäpuru School Council's vision for their school coupled with the ability to work alongside and also take direction from Yolŋu teachers and elders
 An active Christian faith
Desirable Criteria
 Experience teaching Indigenous learners
 Have completed or are willing to complete the "Introduction to Yolŋu Culture and Language" course
 Have a good understanding of a Yolŋu language
 Have an understanding of bi-literacy and bi-cultural learning theories
 Driving licence
Additional Information about living and working in Mäpuru
(Provided by Linda Miller, Teaching Principal)
Location and access
Mäpuru is a tiny town of around 100 Yolŋu people in NE Arnhem Land. Close to 50 of these are children. It is located on the mainland, 30 km south of Galiwin'ku.
It is a very isolated location, taking around 13 - 15 hours to drive in the dry season (June to November). These roads are impassable in the wet season. The cheapest way to fly to Mäpuru from Darwin is via Elcho Island on Air North and then a Missionary Aviation Charter (MAF) flight to Mäpuru, about 10 minutes costing around $600 each way. Other more expensive routes are via Milingimbi and Gove.
A newly built, spacious one bedroom house, located within the town of Mäpuru, is provided. Community members at Mäpuru may adopt you into their family, ensuring you are surrounded by loving family who will encourage you to take part in broader community life.
Mäpuru Christian School runs two classes (Primary and Secondary) with two qualified teachers and four local Yolŋu teachers employed. The two qualified teachers are the only non-Indigenous people living at Mäpuru, therefore we are seeking a teacher or teaching couple who are independent, can live a simple sustainable lifestyle and enjoy Yolŋu as well as their own company.
The town, school and teacher accommodation are solar powered, ensuring adequate power for lights, fans, a fridge and washing machine. There is NO air-conditioning anywhere at Mäpuru. Every household (including teachers in each classroom) is mindful of the need to conserve our energy use, so there is adequate power for the lights, fans, fridges and washing machines.
Health Service
Mäpuru is visited by Marthakal Health Service usually for a morning per week. This team usually consists of Registered Nurses and an Indigenous Health Worker weekly, with a Doctor visiting once a month. In an emergency, Marthakal Health Service would organise medications to be delivered by plane or the patient to be evacuated for health care. Health Direct also operates a great phone service to provide expert medical advice.
The physical isolation of Mäpuru indicates that people applying should have very good general health and take a high level of personal responsibility for their ongoing health care.

Mäpuru has a tiny store run co-operatively by the community. It contains basic, non-perishable food supplies like tins of flour, baked beans, corned beef, tomato sauce and golden syrup.
The Secondary students also run a shop selling other basics to the community, fishing lines, axes, machetes, brake fluid, tin mugs and cooking pots.
Obtaining goods and food supplies can be tricky, time consuming and expensive. It takes 3 hours to drive each way to the nearest shop at Gapuwiyak during the dry season and it costs $150 each way to fly to Elcho Island to the nearest shop. There are no shopping services, like Coles on-line, that deliver to Mäpuru.
Currently both households have vegetable gardens and enjoy making our own bread, yoghurt and being creative with hunting and making something delicious out of what we have left. In mid-October we also stock up with our non-perishable food supplies (milk powders etc) and essentials (toilet paper etc) to take us through to the following June, which is when we'll drive back to Darwin to have the school 'troopy' serviced.
The Arts
 Mäpuru is home to some of the best weavers and dyers in Australia, the Arnhem Weavers. These skilled women can teach you a range of fibre arts and dyeing.
 Bark painting is an enjoyable past time for Mäpuru families
 Creating and maintaining a vegetable and fruit garden is a much appreciated resource
 Just over one hour's drive away is excellent fishing
 Families hunt for all their protein rich foods in surrounding estuaries, beaches, flood plains and forests. They may ask you to join them in these hunting days.
Note: Access to a vehicle would be advantageous for such trips as fishing to a boat landing (an hour away), hunting or shopping trips to Gapuwiyak. Whilst there is 1 school vehicle, it is used exclusively for school business and not for staff members' recreational or shopping activities.
We are excited that you are considering joining our team. We have tried to provide enough details to 'paint a picture' of the challenges and opportunities for 'westerners' (Balanda) in living in a geographically isolated place as well as the joy and privilege to be invited to live and work with Yolŋu at Mäpuru. Of course, this is something that really needs to be experienced first-hand in order to understand and appreciate. In the meantime, if I can provide you with any further information as you consider your application, please don't hesitate to be in contact with me.
Linda Miller
Teaching Principal


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